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The iEco7 Learning Platform allows mentors from our educational partners to teach anyone in a secure collaborative online workspace.
iEco7 develops its own training programmes, lowering barriers of entry to students & mentors who want to make the world a better place.
Working in Africa’s public and private health sector for the past 16 years has exposed me to the key challenges, threats and opportunities. In addition to designing and delivering social services for disadvantaged communities, the next step is to work closely with Governments to deliver practices that match standards of good quality healthcare universally.
Dr Bhavana Singh
Our key benefactors are women, youth, and different able bodied people, but we strive to impact society at large. We address bottlenecks in public health, lead climate smart interventions, and advocate for agriculture and food security.
Anita Nzeh
We need to come together as people and develop strong commitments to address economic, social and environmental challenges. These are global public goods, that if nurtured, create various opportunities for all. Including the maintenance of peace and security, which underpins sustainable development.
AbdulWahab  Abdulai
Producing is bringing all the elements together and connecting people
Brion James