About Us

It is not what you are called, but what you answer to
African Proverb

iEco7 Foundation has its principles firmly rooted in the belief that through training, and education, integrated with ICT’s, global public goods can be delivered to society at large. Our interventions and projects are designed to exhibit our principles, which ultimately result in economic diversification and social innovation to overcome key development challenges.

Our key benefactors are women, youth, and different able bodied people, but we strive to impact society at large. We address bottlenecks in public health, lead climate smart interventions, and advocate for agriculture and food security. Working from both the grass roots and governance levels to implement structures that opens society.

The iEco7 Foundation Team

Anita Nzeh
An experienced social scientist with over 10 years of working knowledge in International Relations and Emerging Economies. She has a BA Combined Honours in International Relations and Third World Studies and an MSc in Global Health and Development from University College London. She has extensive experience working as a social scientist in both the public and private sectors, in Europe and Africa; utilising her key skills in research; quantitative and qualitative analysis; project planning and management; devising key performance indicators; monitoring & evaluation frameworks; communications & negotiation; reports and project budget circa £50k - £30M.
Our key benefactors are women, youth, and different able bodied people, but we strive to impact society at large. We address bottlenecks in public health, lead climate smart interventions, and advocate for agriculture and food security.
Her humanitarian nature is evident in her work and founding iEco7 Foundation is a continuation of this work, that she hopes will not just impact its target beneficiaries, (Women, Youth and Different- Able Bodied People), but serve as Global Public Goods For All.
Jackye Govaerts
co-Founder & cto
A veteran technology expert with proven skills in system and project management, security, network and web based technologies. These compliment years of experience in business administration and management. As an independent computer security consultant focused on product development, internet, free and open source software and mobile computing, he has perfected his trade working with various organizations, including creative agencies, charities, startups and tech companies from around the world.
One machine can do the work of a hundred men, but it's the hard work of a few extraordinary people - who care - that changes the world.
As the second founding partner of iEco7, Jackye’s role is to ensure the security and integrity of the iEco7 platform. His key skills include management of a development team and consultancy to various IT professionals and high importance clients. His experience includes very high information security proficiency, communication encryption, cross platform software development, technology upgrades and deployment, client education, value proposition, engagement models and reporting.
Ludovica Iaccino
Communications Officer
Experienced journalist and author currently reporting for IBTimes UK, where she specialises on coverage related to Nigeria and Human Rights issues internationally. Ludovica has written for various online platforms, such as iEcoAfrica and through her own personal blog she highlights human rights abuses and worldwide conflicts. In 2014, she published in English The Silence of Nyamata, a historical novel about the 1994 Rwandan genocide.
Ludovica’s key skills are journalism, presenting, reporting, communicating via multimedia platforms, writing for different mediums and interviewing. She studied international journalism with specialism in human rights law. Ludovica loves travelling, meeting new people  and letting the world know about underreported issues.
Linda John
Project Manager
Experienced IT project manager with over 20 years’ experience working within large private and public sector organisations delivering strategic business change programmes, responsible for the effective management of IT project budgets, circa £100k to £5M whole life value. Using full project lifecycle techniques within the areas of IT procurement, hardware and software upgrades, data migration and implementation of new business systems, transition to new processes and procedures and handover into BAU operations.
Excellent interpersonal skills building firm and trusted working relationships with stakeholders SME and third party suppliers with a considered and reflective manner. I am articulate and clear at meetings showing firm strength of purpose when dealing with complex scenarios.
Norman Amidu
Sustainable Development Consultant
A multi-talented international politics professional with skills relevant to communications and media, public relations, project management, lobbying, advocacy and research. Acutely aware of the complex interconnections between international politics, national level public policy and resource allocation. Norman’s skills are necessary for influencing high level political and social processes, structures and patterns of thinking including rolling out low level policy specific programs and projects.
Norman’s experience covers a wide range of activities, from social campaigning, political activism, script writing, a Director of a Charity and now capacity building for small NGOs in Africa. Norman is also currently filming a TV Drama series which focuses on key sustainable development issues, such as Gender and Human Rights for a (mainly) African audience.
Dr Bhavana Singh
Senior Medical officer
Dr Bhavana Singh - Senior Medical (General) Officer at the KNUST hospital has a Postgraduate Qualification in International Child Health from ICH, University College London. She has been working in Ghana for the past 16 years and is exposed to the tropical health related conditions in Africa as well as experience in the current NCD trends in Ghana.
Working in Africa’s public and private health sector for the past 16 years has exposed me to the key challenges, threats and opportunities. In addition to designing and delivering social services for disadvantaged communities, the next step is to work closely with Governments to deliver practices that match standards of good quality healthcare universally.
She has conducted in depth research in child survival topics including childhood immunization, exclusive breastfeeding and HIV amongst pregnant women and is presently working on toxoplasmosis in pregnant women and newborns. Dr. Singh has extensive experience of the private health sector and Ghana’s National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS). She has taken part in several social services delivering free health care and medications to disadvantaged communities in Ghana, through these channels . Dr Singh is currently enrolled on a PHD in Clinical Microbiology.
Ahmed Bolori
UPF Ambassador for Peace
Ahmed Umar Bolori is a UPF Ambassador for Peace. A native of Maiduguri-Borno, Nigeria; which have been in turmoil, plagued by a raging insurgency that has cost millions of lives and properties destroyed and displaced as Boko Haram continues its murderous rampage.
He works on CVE and deradicalization with advocacy for dialogue as the best solution to conflicts and disagreements and promotes developmental and humanitarian interventions. He's the founder of Exit Lanes Initiative. He runs an interfaith council, free youth education classes, and organizes workshops and skill acquisition programs. He’s passionate to make global impact.
Eugene Agyei
Eugene Agyei is an ardent global activist with an interest in Climate Change, Social Inequality, Poverty and Unemployment. Much of his interests have been precipitated by his humble village background and the future he envisages for our world – a world in which our fundamental human rights are guaranteed. In academia Eugene took a keen interest in student activism and volunteering in projects that support sustainable development.
He was a ranking member of University of Ghana’s Parliament House (UGPH), Member of University of Ghana’s Debate Society (UGDS), Ag. President of ABCDE (African Business Centre for Developing Education) Club a not-for-profit organisation committed to reducing unemployment by bridging the industry-academia gap in Africa, Member of UGSRC General Assembly and was runner up  for President of University of Ghana Student Representative Council (UGSRC). Eugene is a registered member of Model United Nations (MUN). He is currently enrolled as a student in University of Ghana, Legon, majoring in Sociology and minoring in Linguistics.
Richard Ephson Nkrumah
youth advocate
Richard Ephson Nkrumah is an optimistic youth advocate with a keen interest in the environmental, in water and sanitation. Promoting social wellbeing, by advocating for basic human rights. He volunteers on a variety of causes such as youth sexual health and HIV awareness and prevention campaigns and supporting youth excellence through mentorship. He has published a book titled Silver and Gold Reading for Teens.
Richard believes that once the possibilities are there, the opportunities are endless. He regularly engages in campaigns that address various issues affecting youth, such as the issue of unemployment.
He served as president of Student Entrepreneur Alliance Club, University of Ghana, Legon. He has worked as Director of Publicity for Mfantseman Students’ Union, Saltpond and has been a Peer Educator on Disease (HIV) and Sanitation. Richard has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science with Linguistics and is currently enrolled in additional media studies to gain a stronger voice for his advocacy work.
AbdulWahab Abdulai
youth coordinator
AbdulWahab Abdulai is a global activist, with an interest in humanitarianism, education, climate change, poverty and social inequality. In academia he has demonstrated strong leadership skills and a selfless drive to support others, serving on various boards. He is the past president of the Commonwealth Hall of the University of Ghana; Hall of the Premier University; a member of the Commonwealth Hall Tutorial Board; Board of Council for taking effective decisions on behalf of the General Student Board; member of the University Residence Board and Board of Investigation set by the Vice Chancellor of the University of Ghana for conflict resolution.
We need to come together as people and develop strong commitments to address economic, social and environmental challenges. These are global public goods, that if nurtured, create various opportunities for all. Including the maintenance of peace and security, which underpins sustainable development.
He has supported the work of the United Volunteers Network in Ghana, leading educational initiatives to support rural development. Wahab is driven by his aim to envisage a world where the distribution of public goods, becomes a social norm that everyone has the capacity to engage in. He is a youth coordinator at iEcoAfrica and in this capacity has organised several peace campaigns dubbed Peace Strides in the lead up to Ghana’s 2016 General Elections. He has also worked as a youth ambassador at Milky Way Youth Movement, where he created awareness about Peace and Security in Northern Ghana, engaging in other projects surrounding drugs, alcohol abuse and climate change awareness.
Benedict Agyarkwa
Photography and Media Production
Benedict Agyarkwa Photography and Media Production Benedict Agyarkwa is a Computer Engineer, armed with the required skills in web programming. He has his feet firmly fixed in the field of professional photography and video production. He has an extremely strong desire to bring the best of modern digital technologies to Ghanaian's and Africa as a whole, through web application, smart phones and working closely with the business sectors. Benedict is passionate about stimulating an entrepreneurial spirit in communities, especially amongst the youth. He actively supports youth enterprises to monetise their skills and activities, taking ideas from concept and putting them into practise in a way that supports business development. His desire is to see more youth entrepreneur networks established in Ghana and throughout the African continent.