iEco7 Training

Our training platform supports organisations of all sizes to develop a strategic blueprint to integrate a fully functional in-house training programme. Embedding this as part of employee career development in various new business disciplines, such as environmental, social and governance (ESG) reporting. The online, unique cloud based user interface will delivers the dominant ESG reporting frameworks as an interactive training programme that supports your employees personal development and training portfolio. Access to a full eLearning package will be available together with one on one support via our certified reporting support teams.

Why train in new business disciplines

Investors, company boards, executives, and management for organisation of different sizes and models are investing more and more time and resources in understanding issues of sustainability. For instance, carbon (greenhouse gas emissions), clean energy efficient technology, water use and management, biodiversity, climate smart agriculture, food security and smart cities. An important part of the global push towards sustainability practices involves a need to account for, and report on, sustainability. Sometimes, referred to as environmental, social, and governance (ESG) reporting.

What a company externally reports shapes how it behaves internally. The key question is: What should companies report, as there is under reporting and over reporting? Our training platform will support learners from different backgrounds better understanding how organisations use resources to create value, improve governance and management, and engage stakeholders. Learners will then be able to translate this knowledge practically and successfully lead the organisations disclosure.

In todays world buyers seek transparency on a companies internal and external practices, to inform their buying decisions. Investors need to gauge the value a company can deliver, as this will determine its success. Communities desire to know how projects will result in change and that organisations are accountable and responsible. This is why ESG reporting officers, change management analyst and conflict resolution managers are rapidly growing new business disciplines for organisations who seek to succeed.

Development Impact

  • Adopt new business disciplines that align with international standardisation for responsible investment and sustainable development
  • Economic Diversification
  • Reduced unemployment
  • Staff career development and progression
  • Specialist roles for business community
  • Implement change for growth

iEco7 Learning Platform

iEco7’s online learning platform is for employee, customer, and partner training. It provides a web-based platform for individual, small businesses and organisations to share knowledge locally and in an international arena.

Create courses quickly, save time and, measure results

Create unlimited courses with your PowerPoint, Video, Word, and PDF files. Measure your students performance of online and instructor-led live training, all in one place. Take training courses on the go, from any computer, tablet or smartphone. Use the robust API for Single Sign-On (SSO), trainee management and reporting.

The iEco7 Learning Platform app dashboard.
The iEco7 Learning Platform promotes effective collaboration.